Daryn Cunningham, the Artistic Director of James Bernard, has been creating a sensation of floral designs and installations throughout London since the establishment of James Bernard in 2010. He has had the honour of designing flowers for a large variety of clientele, including Royals, ambassadors, presidents and fashion designers.

After receiving industry training in events management, Daryn worked on a freelance basis for some time, self-teaching many of the skills he now passes on to others at James Bernard. After a few years going solo, taking on one client at a time, Daryn was receiving too many jobs to keep working from home. From the moment he clapped eyes on the old, Georgian shopfront on New Quebec Street, Daryn knew it was either this shop or nowhere.




The florists’ name is an amalgam of Daryn’s grandfather’s first names: James; a passionate gardener, and Bernard; a financier. James Bernard marries the principles of ardent horticulture and judicious business to provide customers with unparalleled professionalism and inspired creativity.

James Bernard’s work is a combination of our love for flowers and our passion for design. Our creations are always a bold mix of colour, structure and natural simplicity, which together produce a dramatic, breath taking display that is simply unforgettable. Varieties change with the seasons, but James Bernard’s sacred utterance remains ‘pricing without compromising quality’ throughout.

Fresh flowers come in daily from all over the world, from countries as distant and varied as Kenya, Colombia and New Zealand. However, the majority of our stock is from the UK as it is important to us that our products are grown, not flown. The majority of flowers one buys have travelled thousands of miles, but we prefer to support British farmers and British ecology which helps ensure the flowers we provide are as fresh as can be. At James Bernard, we are committed to being aware of our environmental impact, and to that end we enlist the services of Simply Waste Solutions to maintain our 99.9% green policy.

James Bernard has recently begun expanding; opening a second shop as part of the prestigious Hythe Imperial Hotel in Kent. Now, couples-to-be and holiday-makers alike will enjoy the fruits of our labour year-round, and with the continued support of our wonderful and devoted customers, James Bernard will continue to expand; spreading colour and joy throughout the UK and beyond.